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Top Private Jet Routes of the Rich

When you own a private jet, riding in style takes on an entirely new meaning. While it is only a fantasy for the majority of private jet owners, zooming around the world with private jet in the circuit of magnificence is a reality for a chosen few. Private jets trail a fundamental urge like migrating birds, as far as their flight paths are concerned. But where are the zooming routes of the rich? Going by an existing Wealth Report data, the most popular jet routes of the rich in the world are Nice, Russia and Moscow.

On the other hand, top private jet routes of the rich can provide important hints about the fastest-developing markets for the high-end real estate. For example, they demonstrate that New York and London have come out to be the two leading twin cities of the worldwide rich. With London and New York exhibiting one of the flanking major property relationship and flight paths, there is a lucid synergy between investment flows and established market routes.

Here are top private jet routes of the rich.

  • New York to Southern Florida – This is the number one of the top private jet routes of the rich, looking at it globally. It is mainly a function of the concentration of wealth and population. It is worth mentioning that Florida and New York account for one-fifth of the specially-high-net-worth Americans, those who would be more likely to fly private jet, or those who worth $30 million or more.
  • Miami to New York – This is the second top private jet route of the rich according to the data provided by a popular aviation provider. This report revealed that the United States of America is the leading private jet market in the world. Considering the best ever growing routes offers insight into the emerging market demands.
  • Nice to New York – Private jet flight from Nice to New York is considered to be a fast developing route for jet traffic, while Maiquetia, Venezuela to Miami is following closely and also Dubai to London.
  • New York to Los Angeles – This is a popular private jet route of the rich.

These routes can be highlighted as shown below:

The Top 10 Private Jet Routes of the Rich Worldwide:

  • From West Palm Beach to New York
  • From Houston to New York
  • From Chicago to New York
  • From London to Moscow
  • From London to New York
  • From New York to West Palm Beach
  • From New York City to Los Angeles
  • From Miami to New York
  • From Moscow to Nice and Cote d’ Azur

Here are also the top Fastest Developing Routes:

  • From Houston to Washington DC
  • From Austin to Houston
  • From Lagos to London
  • From Houston to Midland, Texas
  • From Moscow to Tel Aviv
  • From Houston to West Palm Beach
  • From Pittsburgh to New York
  • From Dubai to London
  • From Maiquetia to Miami
  • From Nice, Cote d’ Azur to New York

It may be a surprise to discover that t the most popular private jet route in the world is from France, Nice, Russia and Moscow. This fact shows the ongoing significance of the Russian wealth in the European market.