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This Year’s Top Stories About International Travel

Quit a lot of people make resolutions at the beginning of every year and you too must have made a resolution to travel overseas. You need to understand certain things, particularly if your resolution this year comprises of international travel. It is noteworthy at this point that a well informed tourist is a safe traveler.

This year’s top stories about international travel will help you plan your international travel.

1. Be well equipped with Necessary Information about International Travel

You must be well informed to make your international travel a success. Therefore, you must first get information on your destination from, irrespective of where you are traveling to. This is where you will learn so many things about the country you are visiting, such as security, local laws and customs, entry and exit requirements and medical care among others. You need to

  • Find out about health safety measures – This is necessary so that you can be vaccinated before you leave the shore of your country. Interestingly, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United States Center for Disease offer suggestions for vaccinations as well as other important travel health precautions you need for your international travel.
  • Take note of travel alerts and travel warnings for your travel destination. This explains the risks that may likely affect your travel plans. You can also check for the latest security messages from the website of the country you are more stories about lifestyle traveling at

2. Obtain all the Required Documents

Passport is one of the required documents for your international travel. Therefore, you should apply for your passport in advance. The passport application process can be finished without stress or worry, whether you are applying for the first time or you renewing an expired passport. Comply with all the rules associated with passport application such as inadequate passport photos.

Don‘t forget also that you will need visa for your trip. Visa is as important as your passport and it is the document that will guarantee you entry to the country you are visiting. You have to file an application with the consular general of the country you are visiting. You will be invited for an interview where you will be expected to answer some questions. Once you succeed, you will granted visa.

3. Get Insured with Adequate Coverage

Whenever you are traveling overseas, ensure that you have health insurance. For instance, if you are traveling to US and your U.S. health care plan does not cover you overseas, think about purchasing supplemental insurance to cover your emergency medical evacuation and medical costs while you are abroad. Foreign doctors and hospitals always demand cash payment, while Emergency medical evacuation can cost about $100,000. The Medicare and Social Security does not offer coverage outside of the United States.

You must also confirm if you have coverage for trip cancellation and interruption as well as theft or loss or theft.

Where to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities to Market Your Private Jet Travel Vacation Packages

Guest posts are the most efficient and excellent ways of advancing your blog, particularly when you are getting started newly. Not only will you have the opportunity of introducing yourself to a new audience, you will also get the chance to link back to your site. Moreover, a number of superior travel blogs also give payment, and this is even better. Whenever you are looking for guest blogging opportunities to guest post, ensure such website is related to both your niche and the site you are writing for. The quality of the site you want to post your blog is also very important. Guest post for quality website as Google cracked down on guest posting, particularly spam blogs and article directories.

Here is a list of where to find guest blogging opportunities to market your private jet travel vacation packages.

  • BoardingArea ( – This particular website is travel related and accepts travel guest post. It is a place where you can give information, news and advice for everyday flyers. The goal of this website is to offer frequent travelers and travel website information they need to make the most of their travels.
  • MarketingProfs ( – If you need strategies, training, modern marketing tools and online seminars that will move your business forward, look no further than marketing Profs. You can blog post here and link back to your site. Guest post about your upcoming events, industry trends and professional development.
  • FoXnoad ( – this is another quality place to guest post concerning tips and tricks of traveling smarter and move your business to the next level.
  • Global Grasshopper ( – The advertise/press page of this website is a great opportunity for you to market whatever you are selling apart from guest posting. The website will promote your brand in several innovative and creative ways at competitive advertising packages.
  • 2 Backpackers ( – This is another amazing travel website that accepts guest posting. They are into business to offer communal field of backpackers with a uncomplicated supply for outside gear as well as how to guides. The goal of this blog is to offer you confidence in your gear preference, meaning that you can reach the wild easily.
  • Viator – ( – This website is dedicated to finding the best things to do anywhere and at any time. Look no further than Viator if you want to guest post about your product or service.
  • Boarding Area ( – The site was launched for providing advice, information and news for frequent flyers. They are dedicated to providing travelers with the information they need to make the best from their travel.
  • Matador Network ( – This is the largest independent travel publisher with more than 12 million unique monthly visitors. It is a good place to guest post and promote your business.